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  Lotus Notes Products

Decision support system for Notes

The product enables users to automate conducting online questionnaires, surveys and votes. The decision support system could be used for gathering customer assessments on the customer service quality, collecting personnel opinions about various aspects of their work with a company, as well as for collecting many other kinds of useful internal and external information. The questionnaires and surveys could be answered by company employees, clients, partners, job applicants, etc.


  • User-friendly tool for people with any level of computer literacy;

  • Allows to collect and aggregate valuable information;

  • Best fit for companies with geographically distributed branches;

  • Questionnaires could be filled in both from Lotus Notes Base and via Internet browser;

  • Rich set of voting options available:
    1. Open and secret vote could be carried out,
    2. One or several choice answers could be picked,
    3. New answer choice (text or numerical) could be input by vote participant.

Key Features

  • Creating vote/ questionnaire requests;

    A vote request creator specifies the following parameters:
    1. Author,
    2. Voting topic, questions description, range of possible answers,
    3. Vote type,
    4. List of vote participants,
    5. Date and time when voting ends.

  • Activating vote requests;
    An authorized person sends e-mail notifications containing Lotus Notes and Web links to the questionnaires to the survey participants by pressing "Send notification" button. Voting process could be initiated by clicking the "Activate" button. Upon activating request, most request parameters can't be changed.

  • Voting;

  • Finishing voting automatically;
    Voting ends automatically at midnight of the specified date, or by manual command from a vote request creator. After finishing voting, all unfilled questionnaire forms can't be edited.

  • Viewing vote results;
    Voting results could be viewed in a consolidated form or as a voting log. Results of the open voting could be seen by every participating individual.